SALE OUT. BeoPlay Headphones H6 2nd Generation Black

SALE OUT. BeoPlay Headphones H6 2nd Generation Black


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OPTIONAL EXTRAS: A short audio cabl; e A long audio cable; A cable with one button and a microphone; A cable with three buttons and a microphone.
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20 – 22 000
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120 m
* Luxurious leather: When you put on Beoplay H6, the first things you’ll notice are the softness of the lambskin leather and the comfort of the memory foam inside the ear pads. The cowhide leather headband gains patina and personality with use. * Anodized aluminium: The polished aluminium on the arms and ear caps makes the H6 reflect light beautifully. That’s one of the many reasons it stands out from the crowd. And it sounds as good as it looks.
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Beoplay H6 2nd Generation headphones, Cable with 3-button remote, Quick Start guide
On-ear headphones
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40 mm

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